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Anglo-Jewry faced increasing persecution from its entrance into England in 1066 until the expulsion of 1290.Once Jews returned in the 16 century, however, they became more and more integrated into society.Jews still faced persecution and were not fully protected by the Crown.In 1130, the Jews were fined 2,000 pounds on the charge that a Jew had killed a sick man.Over the course of a generation, Jews established communities in London, York, Bristol, Canterbury and other major cities.They generally lived in segregated areas by themselves.It’s free to sign up for Match, and you’ll be able to create a unique profile catered to your specific dating wants and needs — plus you can even search singles based on their religious preference.

Serving as special representatives of the king, these Jews worked as moneylenders and coin dealers.

Even though Jews comprised less that 0.25% of the English population, they provided 8% of the total income of the royal treasury.

Despite the Jews financial contribution, the pro-Christian ideology of the Crusade resulted in rioting in England and some Jewish businesses in London were burned.

These charges were repeated in Gloucester (in 1168), Bury St.

Edmunds (1181), Bristol (before 1183) and Winchester (1192). The Jews were taxed at a much higher rate than the rest of England to finance this Crusade.

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